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Gordon Brown – deluded about politics

Posted by alangdundee on 26th February 2010

The Guardian ran an amusing story through the week about the book which caused the bullying storm.

When Brown heard about a Blairite article which was pro-Tony Blair he is reported to have ranted

This is factionalism! This is Trotskyism! It’s fucking Trotskyism!

So there you have it lefty train-spotters, the definition of Trotskyism is writing an article in a popular newspaper praising the most right wing Prime Minister since Margaret Thatcher.

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Tories, Lib Dem, Labour, what’s the difference

Posted by alangdundee on 2nd February 2010

If you have discussed politics in the last 12 years and you will have undoubtably heard a comparison to Labour and the Tories that resulted in someone saying they are just the same.

You may have even heard it go one step further and a description of Labour as Blue Labour instead of New Labour.

Well the Lib Dems have went one further and re-branded themselves in blue.

If you’ve been saying for years that Labour, Tories and Lib Dems are all the same – it’s good to see one of those parties agree with you.

The SSP of course are a bit different. We don’t get donations from millionaire businessmen – so aren’t in their pocket. Our elected representatives take a reduced wage and as far as we know none ever had the public purse pay for building work on their castle.

In Dundee West we are of course aware of the cost of a DVD player and that computer desks shouldn’t cost you £800.

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Socialist magic

Posted by alangdundee on 20th June 2009

Found on the Daily Maybe site

You can find out more about Ian Saville, the Socialist magician at his website.

I can just imagine the puns he can have during his show – sawing organisations in half, not just destroying one ten quid note, making Westminster disappear etc.

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Caltongate saved?

Posted by alangdundee on 25th March 2009

The Independent Republic of the Caltongate is reporting the demise of property developers who were intent on ripping the heart out of the community.

Pundits, sycophants and supporters of this Toy Town scheme mocked all of those who raised questions about the financial logic of this development based on ever increasing land prices and free and easy credit from the banking system, once those two things crashed the project was doomed. Caltongate was based on artists impressions of a architect’s dystopian fantasy and those architects names must be etched on the tomb of Edinburgh’s real disgrace – such as Richard Murphy, Allan Murray and Malcolm Fraser. Hopefully this Shakespearean tragedy will not be replayed over and over again.

The council used public money and council taxes to facilitate a big business plan for yet another Old Town development without looking at the needs and desires of the community.

The protesters and campaigners have been called liars and trouble makers for genuinely raising our concerns about lack of sustainable development and ignoring the community! More links here

It is quite ironic that the council ignored the objections based on the ludicrous financial model of the development only for the proposed proponents of the blight of the Old Town to go bust due to their ludicrous financial model.

One to celebrate throughout Scotland. Next we need the Tram Vanity project to get binned and the people of Edinburgh can live in their area instead of existing in the background of consumerism.

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A Message From The Fat Cats Protection League

Posted by alangdundee on 13th November 2008

We all know that it is so easy for hard times to suddenly transform our lives for the worse in an amazingly short period of time.

It is so easy to go from well-being to poverty in the blink of an eye.

That is why I can justify you all giving so generously to the Fat Cats Protection League.

Download the parody advert here

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